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Been going through some old videos of that were taken from members of plastering forums and groups at the beginning of a time when all plasterers started to find a place to share stories and reviews on latest tools. We will be looking through them and posting them when we can.

Here is a video of when the PFT Ritmo was breaking into the UK market.

The PFT ritmo quickly found a home with domestic and new build plasterers, The Ritmo here is being used for a new build house with a cement base coat and a sprayed mineral finish. The machine is plugged straight into the mains.

I like this video because it shows how versatile the little mixing pump is and the age of the video shows just how long ago the Ritmo was being used.

Compared to alternative competitors single phase mixing pumps you dont see many of these machines come up second hand despite the machines being out there for over 10 years. Nobody selling due to “retirement”  “losing contracts” “upgrading to bigger machines” ” won the lottery ”

PFT sell plastering machines to suit the plasterers.

Get in touch today and PFT Wales can get you up and running with a plastering machine that will last you years


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