A helpful guide to protective tapes for rendering and plastering

There can be a number of different types plaster render protection tapes used for protective tapes for rendering and plastering.      The most popular masking can be Pvc tapes, Drop films and  protection  brick masking tapes. These are used for different purposes related to plastering and render applications to prevent splashes to windows and doors etc
1382352516 duct tape rolls

PVC and cloth duct tape

This versatile and economical Silver Cloth Tape has been created to improve how you work when  and masking off to protect surfaces prior to plastering or rendering them.

Recognised as the workhorse of the adhesive tape spectrum, this premium grade, reinforced Silver Cloth Tape offers water-resistant, easy tear and conformable qualities. This is what makes it so popular on construction sites,

We stock a large and dynamic range of pvc and cloth tapes suitable for a range of applications.

Tape performance may vary depending on the temperatures on site. While sub zero / freezing temperatures could cause a lack of adhesion, extremely high temperatures may result in left over adhesive residue.

Before applying any tape to finished surfaces, we recommend trialing a small amount as a test. Please also avoid applying this tape to veneer doors and use a suitable protective Door Sleeve at all times.

PVC tape

1417537365 blue dolphin exterior tape 48mm x 50m

Our blue dolphin low Tack Tape is the tape of choice when it comes to masking off finished surfaces.The unique low tack adhesive ensures no residue is left, making it ideal for the majority of delicate surfaces. It is also perfect when fixing temporary protection to finished surfaces.Always trial out any Tape before applying it to your full surface. We do not recommend applying tape to veneer doors and recommend the use of our protective Door Sleeves for this application.

Brick tape 

1390982577 at6000

is the most suitable type  for rough surfaces like brickwork and feature stonework. They are particularly suitable to adequately stick onto uneven and porous surfaces . 

Drop film masking tape

273833 KIP 3833 Gewebe Masker

Protective sheeting used in plastering and painting industry to protect fitting like doors and windows from splashes of render or paint.The drop film are so called as they will be supplied by the roll of 17 or 20 meters and the desired film opens up or ” drops” over the surface you wish to protect.The drop film are supplied in many different sizes to suit most modern plastering and painting jobs.Drop films can be used internally and externally and will not leave a residue up to 14 days. Best used with Duo tape or dolphin pvc tape 

Duo tape or double sided tape 

The duo tape is applied to 3 edges of the window or door you are protecting.

The desired drop film is installed and cut to size.

The top film is removed of the duo tape leaving a sticky edge. The drop film is opened up and secured to the duo tape. Making a solid masking job and leaving a professional finish

The duo tape


can also be used to stick the drop film to the glass if leaving masking overnight to save it blowing and flapping in the wind with the risk of it blowing off

Its worth getting in touch with us if you need any help in choosing the most suitable protective tapes for you plastering or rendering project [email protected]



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