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Refina MegaMixer MM20

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What is a plaster mixing drills ?

A plaster mixing drill is the tool used to mechanically mix the dry plaster or render mix with water in a mixing tub or mixing bucket. The Plastering mixing drills will have a mixing paddle attached to the end. The drill used for mixing the plaster will have some specifications to consider

The size of the motor

The size of the motor on the plasterers paddle mixer or mixing drill will be a good indicator as to how powerful and how many bags the mixer will mix in a single batch.

The processed material combines by slower speed mixers. Plasters & mortars need slower speeds with more torque.

 The motor does not struggle mixing heavy materials like renders and plasters.

The gearbox on the mixing drill will contribute greatly to the torque and power required to mix the toughest of materials.

Mixers with higher speed or are larger in size will not always have the most torque.

A good quality gearbox can use a lower powered motor to achieve better mixing results on better quality plaster mixing drills

On the more expensive professional paddle mixing drills available, the power of the motor and the torque from the gearbox will be so advanced that you can expect to mix render, plasters, resins, epoxies and floor screeds with ease.

The motor size here will be a good indicator of the amount of material the drill will mix up.

Is the extra money worth spending

A good quality mixing drill will last a very long time if properly serviced and usually a lot further past its warranty date, parts for the best mixing drills are often more available which is good news if you require some carbon bushes which can be wearable over time and decide to wear down half way through a mix. Having the parts available for delivery will mean less down time for the plasterer who is dependant on his mixing drill.

The size and design of the mixing paddle

When choosing the correct plaster mixer and paint mixer or screed mixer it is also important to use the most suitable paddle for mixing the plaster, render, resins & screeds.  There are many sizes and designs of mixing paddles. There are hoop designs, basket designs, standard and reverse spirals. Each material is different and will require different mixing paddle and alternate speeds for the best mix

The paddles of the better quality machines are designed to last longer and perform better. The paddles are available with quick release adaptors or m14 threaded ends. The paddle can be extended with adaptors if you feel it is too short for your best mixing position.

Cordless and Petrol mixers

With battery technology progressing over recent years, cordless mixing drills are now at a level where they are useful.

The 18 volt  5.2 amp lithium battery can hold enough charge for several bags of plaster or render.

By choosing the most suitable mixing paddle you can achieve even greater mixing times.

Always having cordless power available to the mixer is very convenient.

Batteries will power the cordless mixing drills and are available in packs of 1 or 2. The batteries for the cordless mixing drills are interchangeable.

Keeping a range of cordless tools with the same battery which can be very useful. It is very convenient to keep all your tools using the same battery system.


The petrol mixers are suited to mixing materials outdoors. The unleaded fuel is convenient to add with no mixing of 2 stroke oil required. The petrol paddle mixer is a very powerful mixing tool capable of mixing 4-5 bags in a batch with ease.

PFT Wales have a great selection of plaster mixing drills available. We are suppliers of the 2 Best mixing drill manufacturers worldwide  Refina Megamixer & Collomix gmbh   as well as other plasterers favourite mixing drill.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding plastering mixing drills by contacting [email protected]


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