Plaster & Render mixing pumps

For the most acurate price and delivery time give us a call on 01792 677057

Please Call 1st to order any Machine. Due to the extremely high demand of the PFT plastering Machines we at PFT Wales cannot always guarantee machines will be in stock.

We recommend contacting us to pre order your desired machine. A small holding deposit is all that is required and we will contact you just as soon as the new machine lands. We usually have about 6-8 machines pre booked so its best to call asap to avoid disappointment


Electric plaster & render mixing pumps are plastering machines that are fed dry premixed plasters and renders into their hopper.

The machine will automatically mix and convey the mixed wet mortar along a material hose and through a spraying gun.

The mixed material is then sprayed at the wall where the plasterer will follow behind and finish the wet plaster or render

The machines are available in 240 volt and 415 volt

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