Collomix Mixing Drill

Handrührwerke Herobild VordergrundThe Collomix mixing equipment begins with the xo range of collomix mixing drills or paddle mixers and are fast becoming the mixer of choice for plaster, render, tiling and floor laying tradesmen.

The mixing drill comes with the collomix hexofix quick release mixing paddle mechanism allows for fast easy storage when you are finished the job in hand

The collomix xo mixing drills design is based on the formula 1 racing cars steering wheel to give the user full control and top credibility


Optimum performance and perfect ergonomics. That’s what the Xo / Xo-duo hand-held plaster mixing drills are. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergonomically shaped grip handles.

State-of-t­he-art motor and gear unit components for long service and safety while working.

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