protective tapes for every surface and requirement

Adhesive tapes are vital accessories on every building or construction project, and our extensive range helps make sure you’re covered for every circumstance with protective tapes. Whether you need to ensure temporary protective materials are appropriate for the task and will stay secure, or you are looking to protect the brickwork or stonework from plaster splashes, we can help.

From premium grade, reinforced cloth tape – in both black and silver – to cost-effective masking tape for painting and DIY projects, take a look at our full range of adhesive tapes.

Low tack tape options for finished surfaces

We also have a number of options for low tack tape, including ultra low tack grades. These are a highly effective way to protect finished surfaces from residue or peeling – but always test any kind of tape first.

Alongside our range of masking and construction tapes, we also have protection films– in blue transparent self adhesive film

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