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Mixing Tubs & Buckets
Plaster mixing drills @ PFT Wales pftplastering machines.com have an absolutely terrific range of mixing equipment available at the tool shop in Swansea and available throughout U.K from our online plastering equipment shop.
We specialise in plaster mixing equipment in particular plasterers mixing drills.
At PFT Wales
We only supply the best quality mixers and plaster mixing drills for you, the professional plasterers,renderers,floor layers & tilers
240 volt mixing drills and 110 volt mixers are available from manufacturers as Collomix UK & Refina Megamixer.
Collomix mixing drills 
and mixing equipment are very high quality products. We feel this is important with mixing tools. The XOR range of paddle mixers has been recently updated from the XO range. More thought has been applied to the allready comfortable mixing drill and a more powerful brush-less motor has been used.
The xo1, xo4, xo6 & xo55 are all fitted with Hexo fix quick release paddles. The hexo fix allows the paddle for mixing to be released in seconds. The mixer drill becomes easier to transport and store.
The XOR 10 Battery cordless mixer is a recent addition to the family and with its 5.2 amp battery is capable of mixing several bags of plaster skim like multi finish or board finish with 1 charge. The cordless battery mixing drill is also very light compared to other models.
After using the drills ourselves and delivering to many customers we can honestly say the reviews on the collomix mixing drills are all good.
Collomix offer a large and dynamic range of mixing paddles to suit all applications. The mixing shafts can be attached by 14 mm thread or with our Hexo fix system
We have paddle for mixing screeds, epoxies,renders and plasters. The sizes range from 100 mm up to 160 mm for much larger mixing jobs.
Refina Megamixer
also available from our plastering superstore are the U.k. most popular range of mixers. 1800 watt Megamixers are the best reviewed  plaster mixers in the Internets forums and social media groups.
Plaster mixing drills made from Eibenstock, a German manufacturer, are available in different sizes and power supply. The plaster Mixers start at 1050 watt and continue up to 1800 watt. Available in 110 volt and 240 volt power supply.
PFT Wales supply the most comprehensive range of mixing equipment for the plaster, render, floor and repair trades. The equipment includes the best selling and most reliable and durable range of German made MEGAMIXER mixer drills and mixer paddles
ROTAMIXERS, produced here in the UK, include rotary tub mixers for mortars and epoxy resins, and the rotary paddle pan mixers for renders and screed.
In the range of mixer paddles we supply Trade quality technically designed paddles Produced by EPI Germany. The mixing shaft Generates a thorough mix action. The Threaded shaft to fit directly into mixer drill with the Largest range of designs & sizes of paddles.
The mixing range of products includes  liquids & powders Plasters & textures Renders & lime mortars Paints & coatings Cements & mortars Resins & epoxies Latex & screed Tile cements & adhesives
Aswell as hand held mixing machines we also do a range of continuous and screed mixers by brands including PFT Collomix & Refina.
When it comes to kit for mixing we firmly believe PFT Wales are at the very forefront of supplying quality products at reduced prices.