Air Compressors

PFT Wales have a range of air compressors from many manufacturers. Our compressors are used with plastering machines including PFT Plastering machines,M tec plastering machines & Utiform plastering machines.

We also supply high volume air compressor for spraying thin coat renders and paint.




Our compressor have many other uses including

Air compressors for trade use
• Slow running motors & pumps for long life
• 110v or 230v motors for electric compressors
• 10ltr to 60ltr air tanks
• Compressors with Honda petrol engines
• For spray painting & decorating trades
• Acrylic renders & masonry coatings
• Run paint spray equipment
• Air chisels & hammers
• Needle guns & chipping hammers
• Fixing tools & staple guns
• Sanders & surface prep tools

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