Ritmo L Smart


  • 🟢 Breakthrough plastering solution for beginners and professionals alike.
  • 🟢 Cheapest mixing pump in UK
  • 🟢 Remarkable versatility with various upgrade options including water pump and vibrator.
  • 🟢 Your go-to solution for seamless and efficient plastering tasks, courtesy of PFT Wales.
  • 🟢Use it as a mixing pump for basecoats,monocouche etc & Thincoat premixed silicone acrylic texturing
  • 🟢 Discover the magic of effortless plastering with PFT Wales - your gateway to innovation and excellence.

Ritmo L Smart: The Future of Plastering – Exclusively at PFT Wales

The Ultimate Choice for Beginners

Step into the world of innovative construction with the Ritmo L Smart, exclusively brought to you by PFT Wales. As the cheapest mixing pump in the UK, it stands unrivalled in its league, promising quality and affordability rolled into one magnificent package. Perfect for novices stepping into the plastering domain, its easy handling during setup, conversion, and maintenance makes it a popular choice among beginners.

Effortless Handling and Transportation

Brought to you by PFT Wales, the Ritmo L Smart revolutionizes ease of transport. Designed to be handled by a single person, it conveniently fits into any estate car, making transportation a breeze. What’s more, it can be easily dismounted into single modules such as the chassis, pump motor with protection grill, and material hopper, making setup and dismantling incredibly straightforward.

Optimized Work Flow

With its large loading area, the Ritmo L Smart encourages ergonomic work. Not only does it facilitate easy handling, but it also promises fast and straightforward cleaning, saving you precious time and energy on the job. The flow-optimized outlet is another remarkable feature, preventing kinks and restrictions, reducing blockages, and maintaining a constant flow rate for an unhindered work process.

Innovative Features for Smooth Operation

PFT Wales proudly presents the Ritmo L Smart equipped with a range of features that guarantee seamless operation. The external vibrator, included with variant 00790473, improves material flow and reduces tunneling, ensuring that your work is always up to the mark. Moreover, the water pump, available in variant 00790474, promises trouble-free operation of the machine even at low water pressure, ensuring your projects run smoothly without a hitch.

State-of-the-Art Control Features

At PFT Wales, we believe in providing you with the latest technology. The Ritmo L Smart’s control cabinet or cable set ensures quick recovery in case of a malfunction, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. The mortar pressure gauge is another excellent addition, providing increased security and easy monitoring of working pressure and pump service life.

Don’t Settle for Less

Why settle for a small conveying pump when the Ritmo L Smart can offer so much more? This versatile machine can also be used as a conveying pump for spraying your thin coat silicone and acrylic renders. Simply turn the water off and pour the ready-mixed material into the hopper, just like all our Ritmos, and experience the ease of operation and excellence that is synonymous with PFT Wales.

Available exclusively at PFT Wales, don’t miss the chance to transform your plastering projects with this incredible machine. Order now and step into the future of construction with PFT Wales, your trusted partner in quality and innovation.

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