G4X Standard switchable 230v/400v Plastering Machine

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✅ Dual power compatibility: works with both 230V domestic and 415V industrial power supply.

✅ Versatile usage: perfect for both small domestic and large commercial plastering projects.

✅ Switchable design: easily switch between power sources as needed.

✅ Built-in water pump: eliminates the need for an external water supply, making the machine more portable.

✅ Built-in compressor: no need for a separate compressor, saving time and space.

✅ High performance: can handle both wet and dry mixes, with a capacity of up to 50 liters.

✅ User-friendly: easy to operate and maintain, with a simple control panel and removable parts for cleaning.

✅ Reliable: made with high-quality materials and components for long-lasting durability.

✅ Cost-effective: reduces labor costs and saves time by increasing productivity.

✅ High-quality finish: produces a smooth, even finish with minimal wastage.

✅ Great value, service, and back up: Purchase from PFT Wales for the best customer service, support, and value for your money.

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The G4X Standard switchable  is the awsome  plastering machine that can be run straight from mains electric or if you require more power it can be run from 3 phase power. The popular mixing pump can be used to pump up to 85 lts. The rubber mixing zone is standard.

Available with or without a water pump



PFT G 4 is a continuously operating mixing pump for ready-mixed dry mortars siutable for machine use. It can be filles using bagged cargo as well as directly from a silo/container using a delivery hood or with an injection hood and the PFT SILOMAT system.

Functional principle:

The distillation zone for holding the ready-mixed mortar is different from the mixing and pump zones. The dry mortar is thrown into the mixing chamber via the tilted feed tray. PFT G 4 can be started and refilled at any time. The feed tray is driven separately and can be dismantled quickly using a central locking.

Filling with bagged cargo:

One for All, all with One. PFT G 4 is the compact, easy-to-transport mixing pump in high-tech engineering, which offers a high delivery rate and large delivery range, and can be combined with the entire range of machines offered by PFT. Thanks to the low filling height, it is perfectly suited for filling with bagged cargo. Ideal for using at small and average-sized construction sites.

Direct filling from silo:

The PFT G 4 mixing pump is designed according to the modular design principle. By using the PFT delivers hood, it can easily and quickly be flange-mounted below any silo/container Well-suited for delivery ranges up to 30 m.

Pneumatic filling with PFT SILOMAT:

Easy, quick and efficient. The PFT SILOMAT discharge vessel can be easily flange-mounted to the silo/container using a couple of grips. The ready-mixed dry mortar is fed to the mixing pump fully automatically and free of dust at the push of a button. The machine is directly placed at the place of use in the process, irrespective of the distance from the silo/container to the usage site. The pneumatic conveying equipment PFT SILOMAT is available in different designs

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PFT G4X Standard

With water pump, Without water pump

PFT G4X switchable mixing pump

with water pump, without mixing pump

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