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Do you need help choosing a plastering spatula to suit the work you have ?

PFT Wales have created a comprehensive guide to help you decide the most suitable spatula for plastering or rendering

The Rendering Spatula

long h spat 450Will have a stiffer blade than plastering spatulas, the blades will usually be stainless steel and the handle can be wooden, rubber, cork or leather. The Blades on the spatulas for rendering range from about 12 inches up to 24 inches. The plastering tool for flattening render is used after the render has been applied. The render will sometimes need to be finished flat to the render beads and sometimes it will need to be smoothed slightly proud before it can be finished and shaved flat with an I shaped scraping tool.

Some plasterers or renderers will also use the stainless steel spatula to finish monocouche renders. The slightly flexible blade can be used to scrape the renders low spots before finally finishing it with a monocouche finishing scraper tool

The smaller plastering spatulas are tough enough to be used for cleaning scaffold and small flat areas of plaster and render splashes.

Render spatulas are available at PFT Wales from manufacturers including PFT  Mondelin  REFINA and others

The Skimming Spatula

The spatula used for flattening multi finish or board finish plasters will be a more flexible spatula where more of the blades surface will come into contact with the plaster being finished. Superflex spatulas have been a very popular addition to a plasterers tool kit in recent years. The Refina superflex spatula has an ergo grip that is more comfortable to hold and handle more like a plastering darby. The skimming spat can be available in a range of sizes from 4 inch all the way up to 48 inch and can have a extension pole that clips to the handle so ceilings and high walls can be finished whilst the user remains on the floor.

Flexible spatulas are also available in shapes more similar to a Traditional spatula 

Some flexi spats have blades that can be replaced in case they get damaged in the van or at a building site. The spatula is mostly used to flatten large areas of finish plaster in faster time than one would with a traditional trowel.

Plastic Skimming Spatulas

The flexible and semi flexible blades of a plaziflex or speedskim type skimming spatula can be used to flatten and eliminate trowel lines. The spat can be used with a extending handle for high work off the ground or held by 2 hands by the grip handle.

The plastic skimming spatula was designed to finish walls quicker than traditional methods and reduce stress on the body.

The Plaziflex plastic spatula for plastering  is great for use on ceilings, walls and floors alike and can also be used for multi-finish, spray finish plasters, backing plasters, renders and latex screed.These products are new and have been said to revolutionize the way in which plasterers work. They were designed to increase meterage output and enhance the finished project quality. They are lightweight which means ease of use, effective application of drywall and smoothing compounds with ease. It makes easy work of straight-edged and tapered plasterboard, leaving a clean finish. They’re the perfect tool for work with intricate detail for example, around windows, doors and plug sockets, reaching difficult areas with ease. The Speedskim products come with the required blade that makes the perfect plaster, drywall and jointing finish so clean. They’re for use with gypsum based plasters which are applied via hand, spray, cement renders and rendering systems.

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