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Testing rotor stator pump

Here at PFT Wales we are often servicing and fixing machines, therefore its safe to say we have quite a bit of experience in running all sorts of plastering machines. Below is a video showing how to carry out Testing rotor stator pump using a Pump Tester available online or in our shop here in Swansea Uk.

The video below shows a test on a PFT Ritmo L although you can run the same test with any plastering machine or screed pump.

Generally a single phase machine will be using a B Pump like a B4-2 and the holding pressure required to ensure the pump is still usable is a minimum of 6 Bar. The G4 will mostly use a D pump such as the d6-3 Twister, for this we do not want the holding pressure to fall below 12 bar

This simple test can be very helpful if you have not used the machine for a while or are unsure how much material has been used through a particular rotor and stator.

please click here to see our range of pressure testers for rotors and stators for plastering machines


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