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Ritmo L Plus

PFT Ritmo Spraying Video

Here’s another old video showing us how the PFT  Ritmo was being used nearly 10 years ago over here in the UK for all sorts of projects.

Here in this video from PFT Wales we are seeing the PFT Ritmo firstly mixing and pumping the adhesive for the EPS insulation boards and laying it onto the back ready for sticking.

We then see in the PFT Ritmo Spraying Video the small 240 volt mixing pump mixing and spraying on the adhesive base coat before mesh is installed into it.

Finally we can watch the Ritmo spray a pre mixed mineral topcoat using a texturing gun and large PFT Compressor. The finish is left without the need for trowelling.

Seeing the PFT Ritmo Spraying Video shows how far advanced and pioneering the machine and equipment manufacturer were ten years ago and we look forward to more new innovations in 2019 from the worlds NO 1 authority on plastering and conveying technology

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