The Swiss Trowel

The Swiss trowel is a double handed trowel suitable to be used with modern render systems.  The double handle will let the user get more power behind the blade which helps with thinner renders such as adhesive coats & pre mixed bucket coats up to any sized grain.

The Swiss trowel is very popular over in Europe where thin coat systems are extremely popular.

Material is placed straight onto the trowel with a bucket trowel and then with 2 hands the gear is spread about evenly.

Swiss trowels come in a few different styles available at PFT Wales shop and website

The standard trowels are available in several sizes and feature a stainless blade with square edges, or you can choose to have rounded edges to reduce trowel lines.

The swiss trowel is also available with a notched blade for spreading adhesives. The various sized notches available notches will allow the adhesive to be spread at an even thickness ready to receive the mesh.

The larger notches can be used to apply adhesive to the rear of insulation boards

Schweizer Traufel Nirosta, 48 x 13 cm


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