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Well we have waited a while for this fab new range of tools to finally land and you won’t be dissapointed.

The range of tools from Trowels, spatulas and plastering rules are new to UK market and the quality is excellent as always with BERO tools.

Head to our ONLINE SHOP  for next day deliver on some amazing tools.


Golden premium drywall trowel

This pre worn trowel with Beko cork grip or the popular wooden handle is the first we have seen of its kind. A very well built trowel that will last for years to come

The skim flex flexible trowels are superb for finishing skim plasters. The attractive cork handle or traditional wooden handle both compliment this fantastic looking piece of kit.

BEROFLEX Flexible Stainless Steel Skimming Trowel



We have a great range of BERO spatulas here that will make skimming walls and ceilings much easier for you. The White diamond is a flexible rubber bladed spatula designed to bed mesh into base coats, we think it can also be used for skimming aswell


Skimflex spatulas are he best for finishing skim, available in .025 thickness blades and .040

The plastic blade spatula is proving very popular. The rigid plastic blade is perfect for flattening off skim coats

Look out for more from the range later this week when we have finished unpacking.

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