Kip White 3315 Stucco Plastering Tape kip-white stucco tape

The Kip 3315 is an extremely versatile tape for the plastering and render masking tasks. With its easy to tear straight fabric and sticky adhesive it is suited to both Plastic and stonework/Brickwork. The KIP 3315 tape comes off the roll very quickly unlike other which take quite a tug. This helps with pulling just the correct amount of. With its 33 mt length the roll will do quite a few windows and doors.

  • Easy Tear
  • Quick release off roll
  • Rubber glue easy remove
  • The ultimate tape for renderers

kip-white stucco tape 3315 Masking tape for stucco plastering tape consisting of a 32 mesh fabric with rubber adhesive Hand-tear able Residue removable Removable Up to 2 weeks UV and moisture resistant

Strength:0.18 mm
Tensile strength:32.8 N / 10 mm
Elongation at break:20%
Temperature resistance:60 ° C