PFT Drop films

Masking tapes & protective films are the best way to protect expensive areas like windows and doors from splashes of plaster and render.

At Pft wales we have a selection to suit all your masking needs. For the most protection from plaster splashes drop down tapes are most suitable.

drop down tapes are supplied on a roll between 20 and 15 meters long depending on the drop.

the drop is the length to which the drop down masking film will open up. We supply masking films from 550mm up to 2700mm

The sticky edge at the top of the tape is secured to the fitting being protected and the loose sides and bottom are secured with a gaffa or pvc tape

A pvc tape can be used where the tape will need to be secure but leave no residue on removal. Most PVC Tapes are safe for 14 days before removal.

The pvc tape can be used to secure the edges of the drop film or other low suction surfaces such as window and door frames. Pvc tape is suitable to protect aluminium window and door frames from plaster and render splashes and leave no residue.

a cloth tape can be used to protect textured surfaces like brick and stone. the high tack is useful if feature quoin stones or brickwork will need protection from plaster splashes. Cloth tape is available in 50mm and 75 mm

A double sided duo tape is particularly useful when using drop down tapes or the soffits & gutters require masking protection from render and plaster splashes.  The duo tape is installed to low suction surfaces and the secondary tape is removed to reveal a adhesive surface ready to attach the drop film or plastic sheeting to prevent the area from render and plaster splashes. 

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