Kip 322 Masking film with double edge adhesive band.

Perfect for masking soffits, down pipes gutter small areas

Very strong durable Kip 322 Double edge film from PFT Wales

Product information “322 Foil – Masker”
Transparent. 50 μ thick LDPE film with two adhesive strips. For easy masking of beams. Door frames etc.Environment friendly. 50 μ thick LDPE film with 2 adhesive changes
Technical Data “322 Foil – Masker”
Carrier: LDPE
Glue: acrylate
Strength: 0.1 mm
Bonding strength steel: 2.2 N / 10 mm
Tensile strength: 60 N / 10 mm
Elongation at break: 150%
Temperature resistance: 60 ° C
Release: 195