Collomix XO10 mixing concrete

collomix xo10 cordless paddle mixer

We tested the power of the collomix cordless mixer collomix XO10  battery powered mixing drill here.

As you can see the collomix cordless mixer is more than capable of mixing a batch of 85 KG of concrete and there was still power left in the battery to make another batch.

We used the Metabo 8 Amp battery for this and the KR mixing shaft which was a quick release.

As you can see the mix which was used for a footing for a concrete pillar was mixed quite stiff so it was impressive to see the cordless mixer work through this toughest of mixing jobs.

The Xo10 is supplied with a body only or a battery and body kit here at PFT Wales

The Collomix range of mixing paddles will cover any mixing job you have and being cordless it is extremely versatile.

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