Another Brand New Ritmo L sold with Full PFT Training




Today we had Mathew down to collect his PFT Ritmo L.  Mathew chose his 230v Ritmo L simply because there is no other machine available with a proven track record of over 8 years now that can mix and pump any renders or backing plasters Mathew will be using on his jobs.

Her are some pictures in action at our depot in Swansea spraying Parex monorex during his training.

The Ritmo suits Mathew perfectly as he is a small builder working with several laborers who will quickly add more value to his team when carrying out plastering works.

The Ritmo just keeps delivering.

Bit of a tool buff we had Mathew up the shop after his full PFT training session and he added more kit to already impressive tool collection.

We wish you the best Math and look forward to you visiting again.

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