Refina Hopper gun with 20 mts Air hose & Gentillin Compressor

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Refina Hopper gun with 20 mts Air hose & Gentillin Compressor

hopper spray gun

Render Spray Hopper Gun Hopper Gun with air hose

Thin coat texturing bundle from PFT Wales    

mechanical spray application

The render gun and compressor (sold separately) can hold enough silicone or acrylic render to spray about 4m2. The bundle comes with a 20 mt air hose in braided non tangle hose. All our equipment is supplied with EWO fittings to ensure everything fits.

Spraying thin coat coloured renders is a very popular way of applying these difficult and often messy products. At our video you can see how very easy it is to fill a hopper and spray a topcoat that requires zero after work. The sprayed silicone is a very attractive finish and can be sprayed heavily or lightly

varying aggregate sizes

Render Spray Hopper Gun available separately

Comfortable size hopper render spray machine with texturing gun inc 3 spray tips small medium large. Inc EWO fitting and air shut off

20 mts x 10mm braided air hose with EWO Fittings

Similar bennu x 1.5 spray hopper gun render gun screwfix not suitable spraying sand and cement render

renders efficiently and floating and finishing apply lime renders efficiently


Gentilin c330 air compressor with 3 year Warranty Please inquire first for delivery

Handy sized economical air compressor available in 240 v.

330 lts is suitable air for spraying pre mixed colored topcoats like parex dpr,  eco rend ,PRB, VPI< Knauf conni , Jub, Baumit & k rend TC15 plus many others.  The material can be sprayed with our PFT Ritmo Machines or The PFT Swing or even one of our hopper gun s and left as a textured finish without the need for troweling flat

Will run on full output for over 30 minutes continuously


Gentilin c330 air compressor is COMPACT, a range of oil-free air compressors which is unique in the market. Unique for it combines two apparently opposite features, strong air flow, and extreme portability. The wide choice of models available grant the user versatilty without compromises, in various applications. Portability, power, reliability.

    Oil-free mechanics.
    AXXER (axial element rotation) patented mechanics, 5000 hour of work without any intervention.
    Exclusive design, 3 lt. tube tank, extendable handle, PU Foam wheels.
  • 100% DUTY CYCLE
    S1 class motor, developed for 100% continuous operation (24h), no thermal stops.
    Perfect start-ups under low-voltage conditions (185V) and with long electrical cables. Perfect functioning on the cold (below 0°C). Air intake filtering system against powder and particulates.
    Double pressure meter (tanks pressure and outlet pressure), manual air pressure regulator, ON-OFF switch.


codice potenza giri serbatoio areaaspirata arearesa pressione rumore dimensioni
Model Power RPM Tank F.A.D. Air delivery
(5 bar)
Pressure Noise Dimensions cm
C330/03 2,2 Kw – 3 Hp 1400 Rpm Lt 330 L/MN 200 L/MN 10 Bar 80 Db 49x57x42


02 C33003
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