• 🟢 High-performance Refina ACF405 Peristaltic Pump - top choice for professional pointing and mortar applications.

• 🟢 Variable speed output for pumping up to 5 litres of material per minute, giving you control and efficiency.

• 🟢 Features a robust 25-litre stainless steel hopper - designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

• 🟢 Ideal for pre-bagged mortars and grouts, maximising productivity and reducing workload.

• 🟢 Operates at a low noise level of 59dBA, for a quiet work environment.

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Refina ACF405 Peristaltic Pump: Power, Efficiency, and Versatility

Discover the robustness and versatility of the Refina ACF405 Peristaltic Pump, a leading-edge device in mortar and pointing applications. This remarkable machine is a must-have for professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and provide the highest quality of work.

Stellar Capacity and Durability

The Refina ACF405 is an industrial-grade peristaltic pump that stands out for its power and effectiveness. It comes with a hefty 25-litre stainless steel hopper, making it resistant to corrosion and ensuring a longer lifespan than conventional hoppers. Its sizeable capacity allows for an ample supply of material, reducing the frequency of refills and thus increasing overall workflow efficiency.

Exceptional Control and Output

The ACF405 prides itself on its variable speed output that provides precise control over the pumping process. With the ability to pump up to 5 litres of material per minute, this pump is designed to accommodate high-volume, time-sensitive projects. The pump’s operational capacity allows for the smooth application of flowable mortars and grouts, making it an essential tool for various construction or renovation tasks.

Designed for Pre-Bagged Mortars and Grouts

The ACF405 Peristaltic Pump is particularly adept at pumping pre-bagged mortars and grouts specifically produced for mechanical application. This design consideration ensures that the pump delivers high-quality results consistently. Note that mortars mixed on-site using sharp builders’ sand are not recommended for pump application as they may not produce the desired quality of output.

Positive Displacement Principle

Built on the principle of positive displacement, this pump operates by drawing material from the hopper into a roller and tube mechanism. The flexibility of this system allows for consistent and controlled material delivery. The mechanism compresses the flexible tube, pushing the material out towards the gun. The action creates a highly controlled environment for pumping, ensuring the delivery of the exact required amount of mortar or grout.

Quiet Operation

Operating at a surprisingly low noise level of 59dBA, the ACF405 does not compromise the quietness of your working environment. Its design consideration makes it a suitable choice for areas where noise pollution is a significant concern, such as residential or populated areas.

Flexible Power Options

The ACF405 is equipped with a 0.5kw power rating and comes in two voltage options, 110v or 230v. The 110v model will conveniently run off a 13amp supply and a 3kva transformer, providing more flexibility to the user depending upon the availability of power sources.

Compact and Portable Design

Lastly, despite its high-performance functionality, the ACF405 retains a compact form. With a height of 55cm and dimensions of 45x50cm, it is conveniently sized for transportation and on-site maneuverability. Plus, with a reasonable machine weight of 42kg, it can be moved and installed with relative ease.

Experience the ACF405 Difference Today!

In conclusion, the Refina ACF405 Peristaltic Pump embodies a harmonious blend of power, efficiency, and convenience. Its top-tier features and impressive performance make it an essential asset for any professional working with mortar and pointing applications. Boost your productivity, ensure high-quality work, and experience the difference with the ACF405 Peristaltic Pump today!

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