PFT Lightweight Plaster Render Mixing Shaft Bionic G4

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Lightweight plaster mixing shaft

Lightweight plaster render machine mixing shaft

Lightweight material Mixing shaft for G4 with bionic fitting for maximum durability and longevity

The Lightweight mixing shaft for the PFT G4X is compatible with more even plastering machines including  Utiform,Putzmeister and others

PFT Original mixing shafts are recognised by the bionic head and the extra weld run down the arms.

Mixing shafts are wearable parts, always put your trust in Original PFT parts and accessories

Bionic mixing shafts are compatible with older type hauling brackets

Hard wearing original brand PFT mixing shafts are known for their long lasting quality build.

Lightweight plaster mixing shaft suitable for

  • Thistle hardwall
  • Lightweight basecoats
  • Lightweight plasters
  • Lightweight renders
  • Parex EHI
  • Weber M1

New at PFT Wales . The turbo shaft gives the material a secondary mix BIONIK INSIDE – the unbeatable mixing spiral system from PFT. The BIONIK design is THE wear resistance in the drive train. The term BIONIK is concerned with the transfer of phenomena of nature to technology. Thus, Knauf PFT made it possible to optimize the highly stressed spare parts so that the wear could be considerably reduced. As a template of this design function of a knee joint was imitated. The knee is the largest joint of the human body and it is also considered the most complicated.

The special task of the knee joint: It must be quite mobile when walking and bending, and on the other hand, when standing, it should offer a great stability to the human being. The new BIONIK system from PFT fulfills exactly this task. The wear parts, such as, For example, the mixing spool and driver claw have been optimized in order to significantly reduce wear. The new rounded BIONIK-shape ensures a long-lasting good use in the hard day of building construction. This new design also favors the unwinding of the kartan movement in the drive system.

The service life of the heavily stressed parts, such as mixing spirals and entraining claws, have therefore been significantly prolonged. The pump pressure remains constant for a longer time. The maintenance work is not left out – but thanks to the new BIONIK design, these are significantly lower. The Bionik Mischwendel system is therefore extremely economical, long-lasting and durable.

With us you get BIONIK mixing spirals for the mixing pump G4, G5 and Ritmo.

Matching the BIONIK driver’s claw, which offers the Mischwendel the perfect support. With the new entrainment clause, it is also ensured that all previous mixing spirits can be used further. Advantages of the Bionik System:

  • Mix pump wear parts last longer: significantly reduced wear ✔
  • Extended service life of the highly stressed mixing pump parts (mixing helix, driving pawl) ✔
  • Constantly constant pumping pressure in the mixing pump ✔
  • Significantly reduced maintenance requirements for the mixing pump used

Conversion to bionics easily explained in our video:


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