Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

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  • 🟢 Expertly designed with seven orifice sizes for reduced overspray and enhanced texture variety.
  • 🟢 User-friendly knobs enable easy orifice plate adjustment without the need for wrenches.
  • 🟢 Integrated air control valve offers convenient flow control directly at the gun.
  • 🟢 Convenient pull swing trigger promotes better control and reduces fatigue.
  • 🟢 Innovative 9-litre hopper design prevents material buildup and clogs, ensuring smooth operation.

Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

Experience Unmatched Precision with the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

The field of texture guns has been revolutionised by a single tool that combines precision and efficiency – our specifically designed Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, this extraordinary product offers a host of features that significantly reduce overspray, enhance texture variety, and streamline workflow.

A Symphony of Versatility: Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

The standout characteristic of our Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun is its unique formulation, accommodating seven distinct orifice sizes. This unprecedented feature allows for a range of texture variations, granting you the adaptability required for all kinds of projects.

Furthermore, the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun’s distinctive tubular design ensures minimal overspray. This equals a more accurate application each time, reducing wastage and promoting efficiency – a genuine game-changer in the world of texture guns.

Hassle-Free Adjustments with the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

Thanks to the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun’s user-friendly, knurled knobs, the days of needing wrenches to adjust the orifice plate are long gone. This design allows you to make instant changes during work, especially valuable when dealing with large-scale tasks.

Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun: Putting Control in Your Hands

Another remarkable feature of the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun is the integrated air control valve. It allows you to manage the flow directly at the gun, eliminating the need for a pump. This intuitive design empowers you to control the pace of your work effortlessly. Ideal flow control means less mess, less clean-up, and more productivity.

Easy-to-Use Swing Trigger: A Feature of the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

The Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun boasts an intelligently designed easy-pull swing trigger. This attribute allows you to control the application with exceptional precision, reducing hand strain, and avoiding fatigue. The adjustable trigger stop lets you manage the pattern consistency, delivering perfect texture each time.

Innovative Hopper Design of the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun

The Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun comes with a uniquely designed 9-litre hopper that effectively prevents material buildup and clogging. The hopper’s seamless corners stop the accumulation of materials, promoting a smoother operation for the duration of your project.

Moreover, the angled hopper adapter design of the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun allows you to maintain a level position even when spraying ceilings and floors. This thoughtful addition increases comfort and reduces strain during use.

Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun: Built for Durability

The Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun, made from specially formulated nylon, can withstand intense usage while delivering top-tier performance. This robust yet lightweight material ensures the tool’s durability and user-friendliness.


The Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun is an indispensable tool for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. It combines a multitude of features with a user-friendly design to deliver unrivalled precision, control, and efficiency.

In essence, the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun is not just a tool; it’s an investment in superior quality and convenience. Equipping yourself with this exceptional device means faster project completion, less cleanup, and an overall smoother workflow. Experience the power and precision of the Marshalltown Sharpshooter Hopper Gun and elevate your projects to new heights.

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