Delko Zunder Drywall Banjo from PFT Wales will reduce taping times by 200% compared to traditional paper tape application. The drywall banjo can be filled with a drywall pump or even filled with a drywall scraper or scoop. The corner attachment allow for the Delko Zunder Drywall Banjo to directly apply paper tape into internal corners with the correct amount of mud applied to the rear of the tape.  More conveniently the mud thickness can be set by a simple dial and straight joints can be taped and set with the easiest of actions.

No longer a messy and guessed job, applying paper tape or fibafuse tape can now be carried out by low skilled labour like apprentices and diy enthusiasts at a rate and speed of a professional tape and jointer

Delko Zunder Drywall Banjo supplied with standard flat taping head and easy change corner taper attachment, can even be used with setting compounds for short periods of time if cleaned thoroughly after use

The Zünder® is set to revolutionise taping.

Zünder® features the doubled ended Delko® applicator which allows for simultaneous application of compound and joint tape on flat joints, internals corners and square sets in minutes – eliminating messy and time consuming adjustments.

It has been meticulously designed by a professional for drywall professionals around the world.

Product Features Delko Zunder Drywall Banjo

  • Manufactured from durable Polycarbonate ABS
  • Double ended Delko® Applicator Attachment
  • Two adjustable soft grip handle (on on either side of the tool)
  • Right or left hand use
  • Compound flow adjustment dial (which is always accessible)
  • Fast access for loading and cleaning with a single clip design
  • Holds rolls of joint tape up to 150m / 500 feet
  • Designed to be used with paper tape, FibaFuse paperless joint tape and KURT tape
  • Tool weight (empty): 1.3kgs*
  • High capacity: 2.2L / 2.5kg*