Plastering Machine Cleaning Hose with adjustable spray nozzle

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  • 🟢 Adapts to diverse cleaning tasks with an adjustable sprayer – transitions between a narrow jet and fine mist.
  • 🟢 Features a high-pressure Geka fitting – ensures optimal sealing, stability, and compatibility with other Geka hoses.
  • 🟢 Made from robust 1/2" rubber – ensures long-lasting durability and weather resistance.
  • 🟢 Acts as a multi-purpose tool – perfect for cleaning plastering machines, car washing, and garden watering.
  • 🟢 Offers superior performance and versatility – a must-have for every home, garage, and garden.
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Cleaning hose and spray nozzle: Adjustable Sprayer Attachment Cleaning Hose


This innovative Adjustable Sprayer Attachment Cleaning Hose, offered exclusively by PFT Wales, brings versatility and functionality to your cleaning and gardening needs. With its superior design and built-in flexibility, it effortlessly transitions from being a powerful plastering machine and tools cleaner to a delicate plant waterer or an effective car washer. The simple twist of the attached sprayer allows you to alternate between a narrow jet for intense cleaning or a fine mist for tender nurturing of your beloved plants.

Product Description

The Cleaning Hose is engineered with a robust 1/2″ rubber construction that guarantees long-lasting durability and top-notch performance. This premium-grade rubber makes it resistive against weather changes, ensuring that the hose will serve you well for many years to come. It’s light enough to handle with ease, yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty cleaning tasks or the prolonged exposure of outdoor use.

The hose is fitted with a high-pressure Geka fitting, a feature that sets it apart from regular hoses. This Geka fitting, known for its optimal seal and stability, can withstand high pressures, making it perfect for those demanding cleaning tasks. The standard size fitting also allows the hose to be conveniently connected to other hoses with Geka fittings, expanding its reach and capabilities.


At PFT Wales, we understand that each customer has unique needs. Hence, we have designed this cleaning hose to be a multi-functional tool. Initially meant for cleaning plastering machines and tools, this hose has been found to have a variety of additional uses. It acts as an efficient garden hose, a reliable car washing hose, and a careful plant and flower watering hose. From power-washing your vehicle to gently watering your roses, this hose has got it all covered.

Adjustable Sprayer Attachment

Adding to its list of impressive features, this Cleaning Hose comes with an Adjustable Sprayer Attachment. This adjustable nozzle allows you to customize the water output to suit your specific needs. You can either choose a narrow, high-pressure jet for heavy-duty cleaning tasks like washing your vehicle or scrubbing the decking, or opt for a fine mist spray for the more delicate tasks like watering plants or rinsing off garden furniture. This feature turns the Cleaning Hose into a versatile piece of equipment that’s indispensable for every household.


In essence, the Adjustable Sprayer Attachment Cleaning Hose is more than just a cleaning tool. It’s an all-round, adaptable solution that caters to a wide array of your gardening, cleaning, and maintenance needs. By choosing this Cleaning Hose, you’re opting for a durable, reliable, and highly versatile piece of equipment. You’re not just buying a hose; you’re investing in convenience, adaptability, and efficiency.

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So why wait? Order the Adjustable Sprayer Attachment Cleaning Hose from PFT Wales now and experience a whole new level of flexibility and convenience in your daily cleaning and gardening tasks. This hose isn’t merely a product; it’s an excellent partner for your diverse needs, promising unmatched performance every time you use it.

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