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Coming Soon the Refina X Skim Plastering Spatula

REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula: The Number 1 Choice for Professional Plastering, Rendering, and Drylining

Are you tired of struggling with uneven walls and ceilings during plastering, rendering, or drylining projects? Look no further than the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula, the ultimate hand tool solution for achieving smooth, flawless finishes with ease. As the number 1 supplier of REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatulas in Wales, PFT Wales brings you the next generation of multi-trade application spatulas that are designed to deliver professional results every time.

Versatile and Efficient: The REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is a versatile hand tool that can be used for flattening, finishing, and skimming walls and ceilings of any size. Whether you’re working on a small patch or a large area, this spatula has you covered. With its interchangeable blade design, you can easily switch between stainless steel and durable plastic blades without any tools, making it a convenient choice for a wide range of applications. From smoothing out rough surfaces to achieving a perfect finish, the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is designed to be efficient and effective in any plastering, rendering, or drylining task.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Precision: The REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula features a super comfortable Roll Grip handle that provides a reassuring and firm grip for all-day comfort. The handle is ergonomically designed with raised ‘Flu-Line’ ridges that allow your fingers to rest comfortably, improving grip and reducing strain on the wrist. The comfortable thumb wedge at the back of the handle ensures that it does not interfere with blade control, providing precise handling and control during use. With the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula, you can work comfortably and with precision, ensuring consistent and professional results.

Improved Blade System and Design: The highly anticipated Interchangeable Blade System of the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is easy to use and self-locating, thanks to a unique notch on the blade and handle. This allows for quick and easy blade changes to suit different applications, making it ideal for professionals who regularly work with dry-lining, plastering, and rendering. The blade design of the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is also improved, with a specialist hardened stainless steel alloy blade that provides high resistance to wear and tear, ensuring no distortion throughout the entire length of the blade. The wider working edge of the blade allows the spatula to reach into corners without dragging the handle along the wall, providing a consistent pressure and smoother finishes. Plus, the removable blades and exposed underside make cleaning a breeze, with no risk of damaging the spatula.

Patented TRUE EDGETM Technology: One of the unique features of the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is its patented TRUE EDGETM Technology that seamlessly connects the blade and handle to ensure a straight working edge while providing flexibility where needed. This innovative design allows the spatula to maintain surface flatness even on uneven walls, pushing plaster into low spots and ensuring a consistent finish across the entire blade. This makes the REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula a reliable choice for achieving professional results, even on challenging surfaces.

Wide Range of Applications: The REFINA X-SKIMTM Spatula is not limited to just plastering, rendering, and drylining. It is also suitable for flooring and tiling trades, making it a versatile tool for multiple applications.

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