Another PFT Ritmo L Plus SOLD

Today we had Tom & Sean down to collect and receive their  training on their PFT Ritmo L Plus.   After previously trying a different 110 volt plastering machine the lads almost gave up on machine plastering after they had some very bad experiences. It was after seeing the PFT Ritmo L on so many videos and hearing nothing but praise for the small,powerful Ritmo mixing pump they decided to try again and gave us a call at PFT Wales.

The Boys couldn’t believe how easy the best little plastering machine was to set up and get material through it ready to spray. The weber graphite monopral we used was run at nearly 20 bar with 15 mts of material hose on it and the machine was just taking bag after bag as you can see here.

After the machine was cleaned up withing 10 minutes the Ritmo l bundle was all ready to be loaded into the van and sent on its way to the new owner.

Firstly though it was a visit to the PFT Wales Tools shop which did’t disappoint.

The boys each had a Kraft optiflex trowel, the latest flexible plastering trowel from Kraft Tools, plus some straight edges, a scaffold strap and some other bits and pieces before they were on their way home.

All in all a good days work for all involved

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