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Below you will see just a sample of the tools we have available and their prices. We will soon have the online shop running but for now please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

plasterers trowel Plastering Trowel Stainless steel 20221110 £ 6.50
finishing spatula Stainless steel spatula 15 “ £14.00
angle plane Angle Plane 20221410 £12.50
lattice plane Lattice plane 20221410 12.50
h section featheredge Heavy duty aluminium H derby 20220200 £10.00
feather edge Trapezium fether edge 1.5 m 20220700 £10.00
bucket trowel Square nose bucket trowel 20222700 £8.00
plasterers hatchet hammer Plasterers hatchet 20222000 £10.00
plastic float Plastic float 20221950 £3.50
ratchet Large ratchet spanner for undoing rotors 20227610 £100.00
round file for gun cleaning Round file for gun cleaning 20223100 £6.00
sponge float Sponge float 20221510 £6.00
plasterers scratcher Comb Scratcher 20223400 £12.00
sponge float on pole Sponge float on swivel pole 20223310 £60.00
stainles float Double handle swiss trowel 20221000 £12.00
nailed float Nail float heavy duty 20221960 £5.50

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