Our range of Flexible skimming trowels have a high grade stainless steel flexible blade, alloy frame and moulded soft grip handle. These trowels are lightweight and easy to use on multi-finish, skimming and board finish plasters and airless plasters

The narrower SUPERFLEX2,marshalltown permaflex and OX trowels have a 4¾” wide blade and a longer bracket which makes the blade slightly stiffer. They are produced with a fine grade stainless steel blade

The Marshalltown Permaflex and Kraft Extremeflex have super flexible .3mm blades for excellent surface contact

We now have leather trowel holders for the 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″ Flexible skimming trowels These holders will help to protect your blade from being scratched and prolong the life of your trowel

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