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Superflex Type trowels
Plastic Rendering Trowels
Pool & Flooring trowels
Venetian Polishing Trowels
Notched Trowels
Bucket Dabbing Trowels
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Plastering Trowels @ PFT Wales

Plastering & rendering trowels

Here you will find our massive selection of Plastering rendering trowels. We have all the trowels you could need from the largest manufacturers inc

Refina, Marshalltown,Kraft tools, Beroexpert, PFT and many more

Plastering trowels for rendering, plastering and floor laying

Skimming trowels for finishing walls

Refina flexi trowels

Stainless and carbon trowels

Flooring trowels for laying screed floors and self levelling

Superflex Flexible trowels for finishing skim plasters

Swimming pool trowels with rounded edges in stainless steel

Margin/spatula trowels in all sizes for detail work

Gauging trowels for gauging mixes and small areas

Plastic rendering and skimming trowels for finishing acrylics and skimming

Bucket and dabbing trowels for mixing and dabbing

Pointing trowels for detail work and pointing joints

Small tools for detail work inc cornices and quoin stones

Polishing/Venetian trowels for Venetian plasters and micro-cements

Internal / external twitching trowels to trowel the angles

Bucket scoops to haul plaster from bucket to hawk