Plastering Machine

Parts & Accessories 

PFT Lk 402 air compressor
Air Compressors
PFT Anti dust Equipment G4
Machine Accesories
10 kva plastering machine generator
PFT Bionic straight mixing shaft 800
Mixing Shafts
PFT D 6-3 rotor & Stator
Rotors & Stators
spray gun ritmo shut off
Spraying Guns
PFT AV3000 water pump
Water Pumps
male camlock fitting plastering machine
Small parts for machines
Ritmo air hose
Air Hoses
Water hose plastering machine
Water Hoses
35mm plastering machine hose
Material Hoses
PFT Rotomix D Pump
Screeding Accessories

PFT Wales for Plastering Machine Accessories

Maintain your PFT ,Utiform, M tec and other plastering machines.  Whether looking for a wearing part like a rotor and stator or mixing shaft. Carrying out annual maintenance services, PFT Wales has all the items in stock. If we don’t have it in stock we will try source it asap ready for you to carry on working with your plastering pump.

Improving and maintaining the serviceable parts on a plastering machine and render pump can protect you against untimely breakdowns.


Rotors and stators have a lifespan due to rubber wearing against steel. Eventually the rotor and stator will wear out. We reccomend that you always carry a spare. PFT Wales carry many different rotors and stators on the shelf at the plastering superstore in Swansea UK. We can deliver next day or you can come collect.

Mixing shafts for plastering machines are also a part that wears down over long use. PFT have the Bionic mixing shafts in stock as well as others.

We carry small parts and fittings to make repairs to your material and air hoses. Water and air filters for the plaster machines. Electrical components that can be replaced.

Plastering machines can be upgraded with different pump units to increase and decrease output. Some pump units can be changed completely with just 2 nuts in a matter of minutes.

Extension hoppers are a way of storing more render or plaster material in the mixing pumps hopper. This saves time for returning to machine to place bags in and can allow the plastering gang to work without a labourer.

Spraying guns come in all sizes and styles. PFT wales have short and long spraying guns along with special spraying guns for applying silicone and acrylic textures. Spraying primer can also be achieved with the correct gun. We supply all parts for spraying guns along with spray caps.

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