The PFT Swing L Conveying Pumps

PFT Swing L

The PFT Swing L conveying pump suitable for the application of all pumpable lime- and cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars, wet materials, pasty materials and liquid media. In combination with an air compressor and a spray gun, they can also be used for the application of plasters and paints.

“The universal conveying pump made by PFT – ideal for pumping, applying and spraying”

The new PFT Swing L is a universal conveying pump, available either with a firm or electrical infinitely adjustable 4 kW or 5.5 kW direct drive. You can pump, press and spray liquid, pumpable and solvent-free materials up to a grain size* of max. 5 mm.

Where Can The PFT Swing L Be Used?

The Swing L is perfect for all pumpable wet products and pasty materials such as:

  • Adhesive mortarsPFT Swing L
  • Reinforcing mortars
  • Plastic resign silicate plasters
  • Silicate plasters
  • SPCC restoration mortars
  • Compound materials
  • Finishing coats up to max. 5 mm
  • Decorative plasters
  • Bentonit
  • Spray trowel plaster

as well as thermal insulation composite systems

Advantages Of The PFT Swing L

Just a few advantages of the Swing L

  • Its light, small and very compact
  • large conveying height and distance
  • low filling height, fits easily under every horizontal mixer
  • powerful 4 kW or 5.5 kW direct drive, electrical infinitely adjustable or with firm speed
  • plastic material hopper
  • fast cleaning and maintenance work
  • variable capacity by changing the pump unit (D- and R-pumps)
  • construction site-proved wheels
  • fits in almost every station wagon without disassembly of the machine
  • universal feeding by buckets or by horizontal mixers
  • control unit integrated
  • optional: electrical remote control

The PFT Swing L is a fantastic pump, if you have any questions of would like more information then please contact us and we would be glad to help. We do also offer financing options so that everything is a little more affordable.

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