Review on the Superprof Twister

Had a new delivery down at PFT wales . New to the market are the “TWISTER” spatula from Superprof. Superprof are a dutch company who produce quality plastering tools for year, those who have been working with modern render systems will already be familiar with their spatulas.

The Twister is spatula with a difference it has a comfortable rubber handle similar to Marshaltown & Refina type handles and at the push of a button the handle can alter the angle it sits at

twister 2 450Super Prof Twister

the blades are also changeable on the Twister and vary in thickness. There is the Ultraflexible .03mm blade, the slightly stiffer .04mm blade and the less flexible 0.07mm blade.

The width of the blade varies from 380mm ,480,& 570mm

We  used the Twister today on a small over rend job using K rend HP12 as a backing render incorporating mesh and dash receiver. I must say it is a great tools for these jobs.

Firstly after laying on the HP12 with a 13″ marshaltown duraflex trowel i slid over it with my refina notched spatula (i think made by superprof) and bedded in my 4mm mesh. I then used my Twister to flatten and sink the mesh in. I used a 570mm blade with a ultra flexible blade and it worked perfectly. The flex in the blade really helped to spread the material through the mesh and lay it flatly.

The deep narrow soffits which were difficult to lay into with the trowel were a doddle once i altered the handle position. I was able to trowel out from the soffit with zero restrictions. on my upstroke i positioned the twister like a normal trowel (albeit half a trowel) and simply troweled upwards.


Once the mesh coat was completed and set we returned to apply the dash receiver. This was mixed up in bright sunshine  with our favourite Collomix XO6 with complete ease before washing it off quickly before the sun got to it with our Collomix Bucket clean.

The dash receiver was applied again with the Marshaltown duraflex and i used the twister again with the 0.3 blade to flatten it down. The result was really pleasing. The flexible blade closed the dash receiver down leaving zero trowel marks and perfect surface to apply our pebble dash.

Moving inside we tried the Twister on some skimming, same .03 blade the result was very good, without stretching i was able to trowel down  the ceiling angle from the floor and again push the button alter the angle and trowel upwards. There are many ways to finish skim depending on what you prefer, i like to use a superflex on my final trowel and this replaced it and left a lovely finish

Overall i will Give the Twister 5 stars. Its a useful innovative tool. The blades are replaceable in size and thickness so even if you damage a blade you can quickly replace it. the different sizes are handy and again you need only buy the blade and its reasonably priced.

A big thumbs up from PFT Wales

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