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Surpro Single braced plastering stilts aluminium double sided stilts are the stilts to have for that extra safe feeling when spending long durations on the surpro plastering stilts

Time prove Double braced surpro plastering stilts with quadlock

  • Single side pole for added stability with quad lock
  • 3-position oversized heel bracket for increased stability
  • Adjustable 18″-30″ 24″ – 48 ” height
  • Foot plates with interlooping straps for added safety

 quality,well built surpro plastering stilts. When worn can be used to access high areas like ceilings and high walls.

Easy to master Single braced plastering stilts

Available 18″ – 30″  24″ -48″ 

SUR PRO Single Sided quadlock Aluminium Sur-Stilts

The ONLY single sided stilts on the market
Painting & Decorating
Stilt Walkers
Street Entertainment

Why choose SII Single Sided Sur Stilts over other brands?

Single sided pole design improves stilt balance
Wraparound legband for extra comfort and support
Magnesium Stilt component saves weight and enhances daily productivity
The only double sided stilts on the market
Relieves strain on the knees and back compared to other single sided stilt models
Unique design enables a secure vertical adjustment that does not have to push on the calf to feel secure
Spare parts are cheap (unlike other brands) and easily available from PFT Wales
Weight limit 225lbs.

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