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Description Superprof comfort spatula prof comfort profile skimming spatula super prof comfort profile skimming comfort profile next super prof

Best plastering spatula superprof comfort profile super prof aluminium x mm

Super Prof spatula for plastering with aluminum holder chassis and stainless steel blade for smoothing and flattening plasters & renders. Equipped with a .4mm stainless blade perfect skimming spatula similar to our refina superflex spatula

Spatula Comfort Profile Next is extremely suitable for super smooth finishing of walls and ceilings. The “Next” is equipped with a wide aluminium profile, which ensures better pressure distribution.

The Comfort Profile Next is extremely suitable for super smooth finishing of walls and ceilings. The Next is equipped with a wide aluminum profile, which ensures better pressure distribution. The flexible and wider 0,3 stainless steel blade ensures a super smooth finish. Works quickly and with a minimal loss of plaster material. As a result, sanding afterwards is limited to a minimum.

The aluminum profile is anodized and therefore has a functional as well as a decorative function. The surface treatment provides a protective layer on the aluminum and a visually smoother finish.

0.085.18 is not anodized.

  • 2 mm radius
  • Ergonomic aluminum profile
  • 0.3 mm flexible and wider stainless steel blade
  • Lengths from 170 to 1200 mm

For the finishing of ceilings or high walls, there is the Comfort Profile spacer. To be used in combination with the wooden or aluminum telescopic handle. This spacer is based on the well-known click system.

The innovative Comfort Profile Next is an expansion of the Comfort Profile range.

Super Prof is widely considered as Europe’s premier maker of plastering spatulas, always ensuring the best quality of their goods.

Stainless steel blade, .3mm

The product is made in the Netherlands.

Super Prof tools are known for their quality, ergonomics, and innovation, and they let users achieve true artistry, working comfort, and efficiency.

Super Prof has provided professional hand tools to a variety of industries for over 40 years, including plasterers, tilers, bricklayers, and more.

Super Prof collaborates closely with building material manufacturers to guarantee that the tools fit the market’s building materials. The Super Prof Group also collaborates with educational institutions, training centres, and other organisations to ensure that trained professionals are kept up to date on the latest advances.

What is a plastering spatula for? stainless steel alum comfort profile

For smoothing and flattening wet plaster or render prof aluminium x mm rvs

Plastering spatula set can be made up with various sizes of plastering spatula refina style that are unavailable at your local plastering spatula toolstation

What is a plasterers trowel called?profile next super prof aluminium

A skimming trowel or roughing trowel is the general term like

What is a Rendering spatula for ?

The 2 types are very similar. A stiffer blade like 0.7mm may be more suitable for heavy render.

What tool do you use to smooth plaster?

Trowel or spatula

nela plastering spatula comfort profile plastering spatula

refina Superprof and all other quality tools are available at pft wales

What is a plasterers tool called?

Plasterers use many different tools. They will generally refer to as a tool kit. The kit can start with a basic hawk handboard and trowel. A paddle brush can be useful for cleaning these tools regularly. A level and straight edge are useful for producing the straight walls. A saw can be used for cutting timber used to straighten corners. The hammer is used to fix timber batterns to the walls with nails. A measuring tape is used to transfer measurements before cutting.

A utility knife has many uses in the plastering trade. More recently a plastering derby and spatula are essential tools for flattening and smoothing plasters and renders. Monocouche nail floats or scrapers are used to shave plaster.

For smoothing and flattening wet plaster or render


How big are plastering spatulas ?


Superprof spatulas start at 140mm and go all the way to 760mm

Will the blade rust ?

No its stainless steel

Do i need to break it in ?

No you can bend the ends away from the wall so the corners don’t dig in if you need.


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Superprof spatulas

1200mm 48" comfort Spatula, 800mm 32" comfort Spatula

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