Spray render protection 1 House bundle

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🟢 Complete spray render protection bundle for hassle-free spray plastering.

🟢 Includes 1 x 2700 mm protection sheet for doors and large areas.

🟢 Features 2 x 1800 mm and 2 x 1400 mm drop films for medium and small areas.

🟢 Provides 7 x 550 mm drop films for soffits and pipes.

🟢 Comes with 10 x stucco general-purpose low tack tape and 2 x render stone tape for brick and stone.

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Spray render protection

Introducing the Spray Render Protection Bundle from PFT Wales – your all-in-one solution for comprehensive and hassle-free spray plastering protection. This carefully curated bundle includes everything you need to cover and safeguard areas that should not be sprayed, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Included in this convenient bundle are the following essential items:

  1. 2700 mm Spray Render Door and Large Area Protection: This durable and wide coverage protection sheet is designed specifically for doors and large areas, providing reliable shielding against overspray and unwanted splatter.
  2. 2 x 1800 mm Drop Films: These high-quality drop films offer excellent coverage for medium-sized areas, preventing any accidental spray on surfaces that should remain untouched.
  3. 2 x 1400 mm Drop Films: With these drop films, you can easily protect smaller areas or specific sections, ensuring precise and targeted protection during the spray plastering process.
  4. 7 x 550 mm Drop Films for Soffits and Pipes: These specialized drop films are perfectly sized to cover soffits and pipes, effectively shielding them from spray plaster while allowing you to maintain access for necessary adjustments.
  5. 10 x Stucco General Purpose Low Tack Tape: This low tack tape is designed to secure the drop films in place, providing a reliable adhesion that can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind.
  6. 2 x Render Stone Tape for Brick and Stone: Specifically engineered for brick and stone surfaces, this render stone tape ensures optimal adhesion and protection, giving you peace of mind during the spray plastering process.

With the Spray Render Protection Bundle from PFT Wales, you can rest assured that every critical area is covered and safeguarded during spray plastering. Save time and effort by accessing all the necessary tools in one convenient package. Trust PFT Wales for reliable and high-quality solutions that deliver exceptional results. Simplify your spray plastering projects today with this comprehensive protection bundle.

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