Super Prof Sponge Swivelling Bracket for Multi click ext Pole

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1.083.37415 x 215 sponge float only£59.99 INC. VAT
1.083.17290 x 140 sponge float only£49.99 INC. VAT

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Sponge float on pole

Super Prof Plastering sponge float on Multi click ext pole. Available in 2 sizes 290 x 140 mm and 415 x 215 mm. The multi-click ext pole can be used with our great range of super prof plastering spatulas. Multi Click 7

Plaster sponge float from World leading manufacturer Super Prof

sponge floating multi finish

render sponge float

best sponge float for plastering

What is sponge float used for?

The sponge float is used to bring up the plaster fat to the surface which can then be trowelled flat. Allowing the user to work on plaster for longer periods between setting

Does sponge float or sink?

How do you sponge float concrete?

When concrete has firmed up it can be sponge floated to achieve a matt flat finish

How do you sponge float a plaster?

When the plaster has firmed up and no moisture is visible on the surface, the user can spray lightly with clean water and scour the plaster with a sponge to bring up the fats

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415 x 215 sponge float only, 415 x 215 sponge float & Pole, 290 x 140 sponge float only, 290 x 140 sponge float & Pole

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