PFT rotor stator d6-3 Soft slimline stator for PFT Ritmo L Plus Slimline

PFT Slimline Rotor Stator pump unit  D6-3

Used on a 240 volt Ritmo L Plus slimline Turbo max output 20 lts minute  20 bar pressure

PFT rotor stator d6-3 Suitable for all applications

Maintenance free Stator Max 20 Bar

Color orange
Length Stator mm 273
Diameter Stator mm 90
Grain size max. mm 2
Capacity l/min at 400 rpm 20
Capacity l/min at 200 rpm 10
Working pressure max. bar 25

Always choose PFT original wearing parts. Our rotors and stators have been extensively tested against many of the other top selling brands. The PFT Rotors & Stators proved to outlast the competition by at least 50%