Skimflex Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003

£7.99 INC. VAT

🟢 Ultra-flexible 0.03 stainless steel blade for precise and smooth finishes

🟢 Reinforced flexible blade design for control and precision

🟢 Comfortable rubber handle grip for extended use without fatigue

🟢 Versatile tool for various plastering and rendering jobs

🟢 Compatible with Skimflex quick release extension pole for added convenience

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635025cm / 10 inches£7.99 INC. VAT
635135cm / 14 inches£8.99 INC. VAT
635245cm / 18 inches£10.99 INC. VAT
635355cm / 22 inches£12.99 INC. VAT
635465cm / 26 inches£14.99 INC. VAT
Skimflex Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003

Are you ready to revolutionize your plastering work? Introducing the Skimflex Ultraflex skimming spatula 003, the latest innovation from Skimflex™️ that will take your plastering to the next level. This cutting-edge plastering spatula is designed with the highest level of precision, using the latest technology and materials to deliver a tool that is flexible, durable, and comfortable to use.

If you’re looking for a plastering tool that can help you achieve a perfect finish on skim finish plasters, look no further than the Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003 from Skimflex™️. This innovative skimming spatula is designed to touch more of the surface of the plaster being finished, allowing for a smooth and even finish that is sure to impress.

One of the key features of the Skimflex Ultraflex skimming spatula 003 is its ultra-flexible 0.03 stainless steel blade. This blade is designed to be flexible enough to touch more of the surface of the plaster being finished, which makes it easier to achieve the desired level of finish with every use. Whether you’re a professional plasterer or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the precision and control that this spatula provides.

What sets the Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003 apart from other plastering spatulas is the reinforced flexible blade. This blade maintains a rigid state over the largest area of the blade while still allowing the finishing edge to remain flexible. This means that you can use this spatula with confidence, knowing that it will provide the control and precision you need to achieve the perfect finish every time.

The Skimflex Ultraflex skimming spatula 003 is also equipped with a highly comfortable rubber handle grip that provides a secure and ergonomic grip, even during long periods of use. This means that you can use this spatula for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

Whether you need a skimming spatula, plastering spatula, speed skimming spatula, stucco spatula, rendering spatula, spatula for skim coat, skim coat spatula, best plastering spatula, spatula stucco, plastering finishing spatula, plastering skimming spatulas, or a flexible plastering spatula, the Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003 from Skimflex™️ has got you covered. And with its compatibility with the Skimflex quick release extension pole, this spatula is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of different plastering and rendering jobs.

So why settle for a mediocre finish when you can achieve perfection with the Ultraflex Skimming Spatula 003? Try it out for yourself and experience the difference that this innovative plastering tool can make in your work.

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25cm / 10 inches, 35cm / 14 inches, 45cm / 18 inches, 55cm / 22 inches, 65cm / 26 inches

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