Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip Spatulas (1.5mm) – 7″ to 44″

£21.99 INC. VAT

🟢 Achieve flawless finishes with ease using the Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip Spatulas.

🟢 Experience the innovative interchangeable blade system and enjoy effortless blade changes on the go.

🟢 Patented Refina TRUE EDGE Technology ensures even pressure across the entire blade for consistent professional results.

🟢 Unlock your finishing excellence and tackle wall and ceiling projects with confidence.

🟢 Refina Available at PFT Wales, your trusted source for high-quality tools and equipment.


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2301027" 180mm£21.99 INC. VAT
23010312"(305mm)£22.99 INC. VAT
23010520" 500 mm£31.99 INC. VAT
23010626" 650mm£41.99 INC. VAT
23010936" 900mm£49.99 INC. VAT
23011144" 1100mm£56.99 INC. VAT

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Introducing the Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip Spatulas!

Experience the ultimate versatility in wall and ceiling finishing with the innovative REFINA X-SKIM PLAZI Spatula. Designed to tackle projects of any size, these spatulas feature the groundbreaking X-SKIM interchangeable blade system, allowing you to effortlessly swap blades on the go. Say goodbye to time-consuming blade changes and hello to seamless productivity!

With the tool-free blade change system, you can easily replace blades or switch from stainless steel to durable plastic, adapting to different materials and applications with ease. The patented TRUE EDGE Technology ensures that the X-SKIM range consistently delivers professional results, no matter the task at hand. From plastering, rendering, and drylining to flooring and tiling trades, these spatulas have got you covered.

Key Features of the REFINA X-SKIM Multi-Material Spatula:
  1. Innovative tool-less interchangeable blade design for effortless blade changes.
  2. Patented TRUE EDGE Technology ensures even pressure across the entire blade.
  3. Ergonomic Roll Grip handle, a favorite among professionals in the trade.
  4. Consistently achieves professional results, saving you time and effort.
  5. One of the lightest spatulas on the market, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  6. Suitable for various trades, including plastering, rendering, drylining, flooring, and tiling.
  7. Available with stainless steel and durable plastic blades, offering flexibility in material choice.

Super Ergonomic Spatula Profile Handle Design:

The REFINA X-SKIM spatulas feature an enhanced version of the popular Roll Grip handle design found in the original REFINA spatula range. This means you can expect the same level of comfort and grip you love, ensuring all-day comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

The handle incorporates raised ‘Flu-Line’ ridges on top, providing a comfortable resting place for your fingers. This feature improves grip and reduces strain on your wrist, all while maintaining consistent contact force during use. Additionally, a convenient thumb wedge at the back of the Roll Grip profile allows for a secure hand position without interfering with blade control.

New Interchangeable Blade System and Blade Design Improvements:

The highly anticipated Interchangeable Blade System simplifies blade changes, requiring no tools and self-locating due to a unique notch on the blade and X-SKIM handle. This system enables you to customize your blade selection based on the specific application, and easily replace damaged blades when needed.

The 1.5mm gauge plastic finishing spatula blade is a game-changer for achieving faster and flatter finishes on plaster surfaces. By eliminating the need for additional water during the final plastering stages, this blade streamlines your workflow. The plastic blades offer a lighter working experience and excel on large, curved surfaces, ensuring a superior finish without any distortion. Thanks to the even pressure distribution along the length of the blade, you can effortlessly skim hard-to-reach areas using the REFINA Knuckle Joint extension pole, extending up to 2m.

 Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip

The wider working edge of the plastic blade allows easy access to corners without dragging the handle along the wall. The blade’s corner design has also been enhanced, featuring a progressive angle shape that smooths out corners and ensures consistent pressure throughout.

Cleaning your tools is often overlooked, but with the REFINA X-SKIM spatulas, it’s a breeze. The removable blades and exposed underside make it easy to clean with a joint knife, without risking damage to the spatula.

Patented REFINA TRUE EDGE Technology: Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip

Experience the power of the patented TRUE EDGE Technology in the REFINA X-SKIM spatulas. This groundbreaking feature combines the blade and profile design to create

Experience the  Refina X-SKIM Interchangeable PLAZI Roll Grip Spatulas, available exclusively from PFT Wales! Transform your wall and ceiling finishing projects with this versatile tool that delivers professional results every time. With the innovative X-SKIM interchangeable blade system and the patented TRUE EDGE Technology, you’ll achieve flawless finishes with ease. Don’t miss out on this game-changing spatula available at PFT Wales!

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