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£15.99 INC. VAT

🟢 Three technologically designed blades for thorough mix action

🟢 Powder-coated plated shaft for durability and easy cleaning

🟢 M14 threaded shaft for secure fit without adapters

🟢 600mm length for excellent reach and coverage

🟢 Versatile tool suitable for plaster, paint, grout, and mortar mixing

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1189120mm (4¾")£15.99 INC. VAT
1666135mm (5½)£17.99 INC. VAT
1188160mm (6")£19.99 INC. VAT
1664200mm (8")£21.99 INC. VAT

Introducing the Skimflex M14 Mixing Paddle, a high-performance tool designed for professional mixing applications. Crafted with precision by the renowned Skimflex brand, this powder coated mixing paddle showcases superior quality and performance. With seamless compatibility with popular mixing drills like the Mega Mixer, Dewalt, Collomix, and Alfra Eibenstock, it is trusted by professionals across the industry.

Featuring a powder coated plated shaft, the Skimflex M14 Mixing Paddle combines durability with easy cleaning. The powder-coated finish ensures a smooth surface that resists paint flaking, maintaining its pristine appearance for prolonged use.

Equipped with three technologically designed blades, this mixing paddle excels in achieving a thorough mix action. It effortlessly blends plasters, mortars, coatings, and various materials, regardless of viscosity or consistency. Experience consistent and exceptional results with every mix.

The M14 threaded shaft ensures a secure fit into your mixer drill without the need for adapters or compatibility concerns. Simply attach the paddle to your drill, and you’re ready to tackle any mixing project with confidence. Enjoy the seamless and efficient mixing experience that Skimflex is renowned for.

With a generous length of 600mm, the Skimflex M14 Mixing Paddle offers excellent reach and coverage. Whether you’re working on small-scale tasks or large-scale applications, this paddle provides the perfect balance of maneuverability and efficiency. Its versatility allows for comfortable mixing in various containers and workspaces.

The Skimflex M14 Threaded Mixing Paddle is a versatile workhorse suitable for plaster mixing, paint blending, grout preparation, and mortar mixing. It adapts to various applications, making it an essential tool in any mixing arsenal.

Invest in the Skimflex M14 Mixing Paddle for superior performance and exceptional results. Elevate your mixing projects with the reliability, durability, and outstanding capabilities of Skimflex. Upgrade your mixing equipment and experience the transformative power this paddle brings to your projects.

Achieve consistent and high-quality results effortlessly, regardless of the material or application. Trust in Skimflex, a brand synonymous with excellence in the industry, and take your mixing game to new heights. Upgrade to the Skimflex M14 Threaded Mixing Paddle and witness the difference it makes in your mixing endeavors.

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160mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 120mm (4¾"), 135mm (5½)

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