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Refina Plaziflex Spatula Plastic plastering Rule 12″ – 40″ with Roll grip Handle & Ext Pole 1-2 meters

Refina plaziflex spatula and pole

The Refina plaziflex spatula flattening blade is the latest tool in the plaziflex range.

The plastic blade is a bit more rigid than the plaziflex trowels is available in several lengths and has rounded corners to prevent leaving lines.

The Refina plaziflex spatula plastic blade is used to flatten the plaster and remove lines straight after laying on. The tool can also be used if desired to close the plaster down at the later stages of the set.

The Refina Plaziflex or Superflex can be used to polish the final finished surface.


• Plastic faced blades
• Roll grip handle
• Clip on angle handle & extension pole available

How do you use a Refina plaziflex spatula and pole

You connect the roll grip handle to the tool and the ext pole clips into the roll grip and snaps in

The PLAZI spatula-rules have a roll grip frame which is both rigid and lightweight compared to metal frame rules
A clip on adjustable angle handle and extension pole are available for ceiling work

The Refina plaziflex spatula spatula-rules are now produced with an extruded blade
The PLAZI spatula-rules are used for flattening and levelling
Plastic blades will ‘pull’ less on the surface


Code Desc Size
228066 12″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 300x100mm
228068 20″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 500x100mm
228070 24″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 600x100mm
228072 28″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 700x100mm
228074 32″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 800x100mm
228076 40″ PLAZI Spatula-Rule 1000x100mm

• Blade thickness 1.5mm


• For finishing skim plasters & renders refina plaziflex handle

Clip on handle sold separately


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