PFT G4 starter package All For under £11,000.00 you can own a PFT G4X .
No need to compromise with quality, work with the best and be the best ! PFT Plastering Machines
Buying a PFT G4 starter package from PFT wales is the simplest way to buy your equipment. Purchase the equipment you need in one swoop. PFT wales have put together a cost effective solution that allows you the confidence of knowing you have everything you will need to spray on site next day.
  • The PFT wales PFT G4 starter package includes
  • PFT G4X Smart with built in water pump
  • The 415 v portable PFT Honda/vanguard generator with power cable
  • 25 meters of PFT original Rondo material and air hose (10 mts and a 15 mts)
  • A good size water butt,  suction hose , 25 mts water hose with geka fittings & a geka tap fitting
  • Cleaning hose and full PFT Training