Marshalltown Proskim Skimming spatula. New From Marshalltown & PFT Wales. The Number 1 manufacturer of quality plastering tools.

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Flexible Blade for the best surface contact during flattening and polishing of skim plasters.

Clamp and Lock Clip on extension handle for ceilings and tall walls

Available in 6 Sizes from 30 cm (300mm) 12″ up to 120 cm (1200mm) 48″

The Marshalltown proskim from PFT Wales is perfect for your finished plaster & provides a smooth level 5 finish on your drywall. The thin extra flexible stainless blade has more give than a trowel. It can produce a smoother flatter finish in record time.

The Marshalltown Proskim Skimming Spatula comes with a stiff ergonomic handle that keeps the blade spine stiff while you work on plastered walls. The proskim also works great for repair work, leaving a great professional finish

The Marshalltown proskim comes in 6 different sizes ranging from

  • 30 cm MSkim30
  • 45 cm Mskim45
  • 60 cm Mskim60
  • 80 cm Mskim80
  • 100cm Mskim100
  • 120cm Mskim120

For tall walls or ceilings PFT Wales offer a clamp and handle extension for your proskim. The telescoping twist lock handle gives you and extra 100 to 190 cm of length without the hassle of getting on steps or stilts.