Marshalltown permaFLEX trowel



  • Superflex skimming trowel

Marshalltown permaFLEX trowel

Original Marshalltownfrom stainless steel. Proven as the most popular trowel by all plasterers worldwide. Everyones got a Marshalltown

The high grade stainless steel blade is designed to flex for easier final smoothing and finishing of multi finish, skimming and board finish plasters.

Marshalltown permaFLEX trowel features:

  • 4 5/ (110mm) wide stainless steel blade
    • Highest grade ultra-flexible stainless steel blade
    • Xtralite aluminium alloy mounting
    • Fastened with stainless steel rivets
    • Flatter blade & 10% lighter than other flexible trowels
    • Bonded and taped for ultimate blade security
    • Rounded corners
    • Thin 0.3mm blade with durable super flexibility
    • Comfortable durasoft grip
    • Made in the USA

With the current trend for a more flexible skimming trowel, Marshalltown have entered the competition with their own version.

The permaflex has a very flexible blade that can make contact with a large area of the plaster it will be towelling flat.

Best used in the later stages of finishing the skim plaster, the flexible finishing trowel will make quick work of the most important stages of plastering.

The familiar duro grip rubber handle is instantly comfortable and will become even more so with continued use of the trowel.

The .3mm flexible blade is attached to the original marshalltown spine with a thin stainless steel plate.


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