Kip DUO Band 310 double sided protection tape.

For protection of surfaces before plastering and rendering

Kip 310 duo band Available 25mm & 35mm

Low tack for professional plastering application.

Product information “310 Duoband”
Premium product for protecting surfaces and easy application of drop cloth cover materials in one operation.
Double-sided adhesive tape made of a soft PVC film Adhesion and adhesion are based on the practice-oriented wishes of the plasterer and renderer.
Technical data “310 Duoband”
Carrier: Soft PVC
Glue: acrylate
Strength: 0.12 mm
Bonding strength steel: 3.5 N / 10 mm
Tensile strength: 30 N / 10 mm
Elongation at break: 200%
Temperature resistance: 40 ° C
Release: 25