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Hauling bracket for PFT bionic mixing shafts

Suitable for Ritmo and G series

Bionic system designed to last longer

PFT BIONIK INSIDE: clearly superior to conventional mixing shafts.


sys 1013 vorher sys 1013 bionic

sys 1621 vorhersys 1621 bionic

sys 1580 vorhersys 1580 bionic

The unbeatable system

BIONIK Design is THE wear resistance in the drive train.

The term BIONIK concerns the transfer of phenomena of nature into technology. Knauf PFT made it possible to optimise stressed spare parts so that wear is significantly reduced.

The model for this design is the function of a knee joint. The knee is the largest joint in the human body and also the most complex. The special job of the knee joint: during walking and bending it must be very mobile and on the other hand must offer maximum stability when standing.

Knauf PFT optimised the wear parts, such as the mixing shaft and hauling bracket so that wear is significantly reduced. The rounded BIONIK shape guarantees permanent good application in tough everyday use on construction sites. In addition, the shape favours the rolling of the cardanic movements in the drive system.

The lifetimes of the heavily stressed parts, such as the mixing shaft and hauling bracket, have been significantly increased. The pump pressure remains constant for longer. Maintenance work still remains – however, due to the new BIONIK design it is much less.

An economical and permanent solution in the mixing pump PFT G 4 – BIONIK INSIDE.

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Ritmo M 1.5 kw, Ritmo L 2.2kw

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