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Footprint Chisel

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£3.49 INC. VAT

Available Options

chis16 x 1/2"£3.49 INC. VAT
chis27 x 5/8"£3.49 INC. VAT
chis38 x 3/4"£4.49 INC. VAT
chis49 x 7/8"£4.99 INC. VAT
chis512 x 1"£6.95 INC. VAT

Footprint has a strong reputation for producing long lasting high quality cold chisels.
Many tradesmen choose Footprint Cold Chisels time and time again due to our ability to manufacture cold chisels that not only retain an edge but last a long time saving tradesmen money.
Made in Sheffield, Britain
For use on stone, masonry, brick work and other similar materials
Heavy Duty design made from a fully drop forged single piece of Carbon Steel , we don’t just forge the blade
Hardened and ground cutting edge for a longer life
Domed anti-mushroom head to prevent splintering
The key to Footprint Cold Chisels popularity is the way we make them.
The Footprint Cold Chisels are fully drop forged, including the handle and cutting blade, unlike many other manufacturers who will only forge the blade.
Our manufacturing method builds in more strength into the the handle, as welll as the blade, meaning every Footprint Cold Chisel will last longer.
Footprint Cold Chisels are suitable for tradesmen of all standards who care for quality and value for money.

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