Refina Aluminium HD Screed Rule 80 x 40 Aluminium straight edge

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  • Straight edge & screed rule
  • Heavy duty aluminium box section

Essential for levelling any plaster or render surface
Helps identify hollows and high spots before sponging and trowelling up



  • 3’4×3″ (1000x80x40mm)
  • 5’0x3″ (1500x80x40mm)
  • 6’7×3″ (2000x80x40mm)
  • 8’2×3″ (2500x80x40mm)
  • 10’0x3″ (3000x80x40mm)
screed straight edge meter length

 Straight edge & screed rule
 Heavy duty aluminium box section

80mm x 40mm aluminium box section

aluminium floor screed straight edge

Can be used to flatten plaster board
Helps identify hollows and high spots before sponging and trowelling up

APPLICATIONS Aluminium screed straight edge

• For levelling & ruling off
• Plaster & render
• Floors & walls

meter length npscd plastering tools
edge meter length npscd plastering

Spirit level can sit easily on aluminum screed straight edge


floor screed straight edge meter

Screed for Concrete Tamping and Floor Laying, Set 4 Refina Screed Rule Board & Floor with Aluminium Straight Edge Aluminium Straight Edge & Screed Rule: 1m 2m 2.5m 3m Screed Rule / concrete screed edges profile set of 4: Size: 80 x 40mm •1 metre (3′ 4″) •2 metres (6′ 8″) •2.5 metres (8′ 3″) •3 metres (10′) ALUMINIUM RULES AND FEATHER EDGES • new eagle grip profile • stiffest & lightest profile • precisely balanced • for levelling & ruling off • plaster & render • floors & walls Levels, Feather Edges, and Box Rules REFINA offers a variety of trapezium magnesium screed and h section shaped aluminium feather edges. The 3m screeding level and guidelines in the box area are used to level and finish wall and floor surfaces. Two handle slots and levelling vials are included in the heavy duty levels. Levels & Feather Edges The borders of the trapezium profile are feathered. hand screeding aluminium bar

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